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  1. Justice shall Prevail;

    Its time to move, its time coup
    Its time to rope, the dull and dope

    Its time to deal, the ruthless rule

    Its time to meal, the justice zeal

    Its time to kneel, the mustered deal

    Its time to hold, the rule of law

    Its time to roll, the rule of law

    Its time to hang, the ruthless gang

    It’s time to bang, the dingo tang

    Its time to act, so to react

    Its time to show, the valor test

    Its time to nail, the evil bud

    Its time to hail, the lively nuts

    Its time to snuff the riding bluff

    Its time to rush, the rising gush

    It’s not too late what has been delayed

    It’s not the fate what is been made

    Let’s stand against, tyranny,

    Let’s stand against, the system

    Let’s stand against, injustices

    Let’s stand against, oppression

    Let’s stand against, the smug

    Let’s rule the world with a hush

  2. Justice Shall Prevail, by Dr RazaHaider, Stand up! Stand up! This is time to stand. This is time to bang. If this agitation or spillage could not revert system and society there will be no tomorrow, tomorrow.

    At last! Nation, at the verge of drifty rift of political mayhem and upcoming threat of devastation which will definitely; leave a consequential long term effects.

    Without obliging and conceptual pardoning as befitting any political force; ethical understanding suggest minded revolt of populace against ruthless king and his rude discarded lot.

    This is right time for government functionaries to under stand the basic concept of stand and requirement; as is gushing through the slogan.

    Change can not be halted with presentation of force.

    What has been decided as thinking and thought can not be overcome by aggressive means of cordoning.

    It’s not at all a one point agenda of restoration of one single peasant of justice but this is time to believe rights of dominancy of legitimate citizen ship being Pakistani hence securing the ultimate future of generations to come.

    Here again what put mind in agitation and discard is; current occupation of designation and deputation of every sole factors that are and were menace to this nation since decades.

    Once again they are on the same throttle of acceleration that soon; distant future derangement, if at all would have been the fate, shall become the derangement of present tenure.

    This is a real time and in my opinion that any dick and harry shall and will gain access as acceptance but this present team of looters and ravishers can not be obliged.

    People need to understand?

    When are; they ready to say no to these deliberate put on as promulgation, law, and nonsense’s like present ruthless strategies of these truth holders?

    I know such promulgation do not up to the extent affects populace at large directly but still they do revert as fate.

    How many more time people would “still hold” their destiny so to allow these so called kings as Cades to pass through in motorcades with pilots running to clear the way of Excellency?

    How much more tame and time as event; people would and shall reach their level of brunt which, may ultimately havoc as challenge to the functionaries?

    It’s not much time left since designed destiny is following its impression and our generation would be the first victim of this calculated fate.

    Hang on: there ought a brutal sight that would engage every living on this nation if at all such attitude of disowning ground realities would be left with free hand.

    Continue this policy of don’t say any thing don’t poke any thing.

    Any body including you or me can be the next victim of this lavish dynasty.

    Very soon this mob insurgency is a practical upcoming and no one including sane and insane especially the rollers over the ruler would be the first engagement as revolt.

    People are tired of this tyrannized concept of dislodge of ethic with deal and deserts.

    Soon revolt against oppression would secure the living and life of common peasant as belief of “humanity beyond religion” as basis.

    O my people! Tomorrow is yours but today is the day to prepare tomorrow.

    What have you planned to leave as heritage being citizen of this nation?

    Are you ready to leave your bells and bulls as generation on the behest and behalf of theses monger of political dynasty and their illegitimate all time extorts servants.

    Stand up! Stand up! This is time to stand.

    This is time to bang.

    If this agitation or spillage could not revert system and society there will be no tomorrow, tomorrow.

    “Justice shall prevail”

    (In memory of my father Late KM Nadeem Advocate, whose services are assets to judiciary and Rule of Law?)

  3. Unfortunately I can’t join the long march as i am a govt. servant. But my prayers will always be for success of the long march. Long Live Pakistan

  4. we are all with cj
    qadam barhao kurd hum tumhary sath hain

  5. shame for zardari

  6. We are with justice !

  7. Restore Judiciary now

  8. OK

  9. The last Redemption or Demise, By Dr RazaHaider, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to realize fully the deep implications of the revolutionary change that has taken place. Whatever community, caste or creed you belong to you are now the servants of Pakistan. Servants can only do their duties and discharge their responsibilities by serving. Those days have gone when the country was ruled by the bureaucracy”. (Muhammad Ali Jinnah).

    Alas! Champions of democracy showed their extent of democratic nature as renewably nurtured to them by their cloyed God father.

    Perhaps this is how they were brought up in sleeves that one day they will ruin their own groomers.

    Well done PPP?

    Let me nominate you with all time awards as “insignia of dictatorship”.

    Let me assure you your position of being sole contestant for ruining the conceptual slogan and rights of citizenship in democracy.

    Applaud! You have dislodged all efforts till date that were put as master pieces; after sacrificing her generation; by this Bhutto family.

    Cheers! On these chair bearers who at the verge of versatile reach as throne; have packed all rules of selfless service as Sop’s that was once the part and parcel of this democratic force.

    What have you left for your future revival as next succession in Pakistan?

    “Benazir” is no more here.

    Last magic key as “Death Cash” has furnished its excellence and there will be no more exhibitions after this tragic trial as grant.

    Inspite! Success remains within the hand of Mr. Zardari.

    This man deliberately relinquished and rolled the precious slogan of “G .A. Bhutto” but his attitude immediately after the slogan had made this notion of strength in to a feature of hatred and dislike among people;

    Just one man within a period of few months roasted the level of agitation to an altitude which will take long to revert in political scene if at all this would become the legacy of this Bhutto breed again.

    Asif Ali zardari brought up in a feudal atmosphere with similar aptitude of unbecoming behavior which is a traditional behavior in such families.

    This attitude of disgust and degrade is normally the tendency in almost all slots of “present day feudal”.

    Specifically using this word as “present day feudal” has backup of belief that before this generation most feudal lords were insignia of their people and were legitimately owned like conviction.

    Prior to this generation of feudal Monroe, (Monroe, Marilyn, American motion-picture actor, who became the most famous international sex symbol of the 20th century) most lords were under the realm of cadre and concepts of legitimate own of their people, place and peasant hence with a nature and attitude that may be put as worth thus confiscating them in ethical and morally acceptable attitude and behavior.

    It was this ethical bearing as groom that took them under the umbrella of respect and accepts.

    However the same concepts of feudalism could not remain the insignia of nurturing generation and present day siblings rotten the royal and prestigious ethics in to jabber, gamblers and womanizers.

    This ravishing attitude not only derailed morality as character but at other perspective created a lust to procure fun, fair and food as much as may benefit them in their upcoming days thus opening all modes of achievement as may excel their habitual tendency as lust.

    Additionally with previous prestigious backups and selective constituencies as places and people; reachable destination towards the throne became a garnished means of their illegitimate desire hence making them a qualifier without motive but desire.

    This granted hierarchical achievement of throne and power revolted the deranged mind in to further distorts.

    What you get without striving is thy heritage.

    It is this throne as heritage; that is now creating mess with unconditional bumps and jumps since person behind all ifs, buts and shall have same tendency of deranged concepts.

    He was never a politician neither an ethical bearer of words, grounds and backups.

    What he has and shall have; that is and was; a granted and left out of mohtarma Shaheed.

    Being unaware of politics and nature of its act, his actions are definition of his own behavior as groom.

    Here is the behavior that is exposing its attitude of morality and magnitude of lust that is exposed as glare at the peak and verge of highest executive office of the nation.

    It is this behavior that is putting the nation at turmoil of disintegration of thoughts and thinking.

    It is this deranged concept of individual thought which is standing against its people like rival hence dismantling concepts of own and possession though in occupation of a public office.

    This is time these functionaries should understand basic of their legitimate oath and acceptance of truth as affirmation.

    This is time that administration may it be in any shape and format must endorse trivial ethics of connotations as assertion that they are servants to people hence to give their services selflessly without the ill and unconstitutional desire of people in politics or in public offices.

    This is a real time for administration to build confidence among people by negating every such means of prohibition that dislodge principles of freedom and rights within nation as citizen.

    This is time to reward justice to the people as per their desire and as obligated by belief being Muslim and citizen.

    Here I remember the ethical order as compulsion of my all time idol as ideal: Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the nation; which he constructively promulgated as law and bonding being his speech at Chittagong on 25th march 1948; addressing gazetted officers.

    Quaid-e-Azam’s Address to the Gazetted Officers of Chittagong on 25th March, 1948


    I thank you for giving me this opportunity to see you collectively.

    My time is very limited and so it was not possible for me to see you individually.

    I have told you two things: I have already said what I had to say to the Gazette Officers at Dhaka.

    I hope you should read an account of what I said there in the newspapers.

    If you have not I would request you to take the trouble of reading what I said there.

    One cannot say something new everyday.

    I have been making so many speeches and I expect each one of you to know my views by now.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to realize fully the deep implications of the revolutionary change that has taken place.

    Whatever community, caste or creed you belong to you are now the servants of Pakistan.

    Servants can only do their duties and discharge their responsibilities by serving.

    Those days have gone when the country was ruled by the bureaucracy.

    It is people’s Government, responsible to the people more or less on democratic lines and parliamentary practices.

    Under these fundamental changes I would put before you two or three points for your consideration:

    You have to do your duty as servants; you are not concerned with this political or that political party; that is not your business.

    It is a business of politicians to fight out their case under the present constitution or the future constitution that may be ultimately framed.

    You, therefore, have nothing to do with this party or that party.

    You are civil servants.

    Whichever gets the majority will form the Government and your duty is to serve that Government for the time being as servants not as politicians.
    How will you do that?
    The Government in power for the time being must also realize and understand their responsibilities that you are not to be used for this party or that.

    I know we are saddled with old legacy, old mentality, old psychology and it haunts our footsteps, but it is up to you now to act as true servants of the people even at the risk of any Minister or Ministry trying to interfere with you in the discharge of your duties as civil servants.

    I hope it will not be so but even if some of you have to suffer as a victim.

    I hope it will not happen –I expect you to do so readily.

    We shall of course see that there is security for you and safeguards to you.

    If we find that is in anyway prejudicial to your interest we shall find ways and means of giving you that security.

    Of course you must be loyal to the Government that is in power.

    The second point is that of your conduct and dealings with the people in various departments, in which you may be: wipe off that past reputation; you are not rulers.

    You do not belong to the ruling class; you belong to the servants.

    Make the people feel that you are their servants and friends, maintain the highest standard of honor, integrity, justice and fair-play.

    If you do that, people will have confidence and trust in you and will look upon you as friends and well wishers.

    I do not want to condemn everything of the past; there were men who did their duties according to their lights in the service in which they were placed.

    As administrator they did do justice in many cases but they did not feel that justice was done to them because there was an order of superiority and they were held at a distance and they did not feel the warmth but they felt a freezing atmosphere when they had to do anything with the officials.

    Now that freezing atmosphere must go and you must do your best with all courtesy and kindness and try to understand the people.

    May be sometimes you will find that it is trying and provoking when a man goes on talking and repeating a thing over and over again, but have patience and show patience and make them feel that justice has been done to them.

    Next thing that I would like to impress upon you is this: I keep or getting representations and memorials containing grievances of the people of all sorts of things.

    May be there is no justification, may be there is no foundation for that, may be that they are under wrong impression and may be they are misled but in all such cases I have followed one practice for many years which is this: Whether I agree with anyone or not, whether I think that he has any imaginary grievances whether I think that he does not understand but I always show patience.

    If you will also do the same in your dealings with an individual or any association or any organization you will ultimately stand to gain.

    Let not people leave you with this bearing that you hate, that you are offensive, that you have insulted or that you are rude to them.

    Not one per cent who comes in contact with you should be left in that state of mind.

    You may not be able to agree with him but do not let him go with this feeling that you are offensive or that you are discourteous.

    If you will follow that rule believe me you will win the respect of the people.

    With these observations I conclude what I had to say.

    I thank you very much indeed that you have given me this opportunity to say these few words to you and if you find anything good in it follow, if you do not find anything good in it do not follow.

    Thank you very much.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  10. Congratz nation unanimous rage to reinstate and restore “Rule of Law” has defined the slogan of unity, from Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Though it took 61 years to deliver and change the mind set but especial credit to the people of Punjab that their stand to perfuse the move and slogan has lifted the image of nation as: still capable to revolt and remand.

    My Regards and Salute to my brothers.

    Well done;

    Thank you for refurbishing my image as nation.

    Thank you very much for varnishing and garnishing my future and our future as generation.

    Thank you for rebooting the hang and restarting the thinking and thought from dead and deaf to life and living.

    Thank you very much for redesigning the system in to fresh outlook.

    I thank you for slapping the hives and hyenas hence dismantling their palaces as dungeons.

    I thank you from the depth of my heart for standing against the tides and behaving for the weak.

    I honor your valor and admire your cadre.

    Continue! Continue to demolish all concept that brothel people’s desire.

    You have all that and what is needed.

    Change is at your footfall.

    Grab them out?

    Grill them?

    Press them for their deranged behavior.

    Slung them for their deliberate hung

    This is time to drag, demolish and dump

    None should escape, who even thought to rob the desire of people

    You have rightly treated time with rights as outright behavior

    Nation applauds on this marvelous presentation to define and demonstrate the slogan of unity from all time verbal insignia of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Let’s now be sticky to the rest remaining phrase as verbs

    Let’s have Faith that it was the best for the best of interest of the nation and its people.

    Let’s have Faith that we will discipline our life and reaction in same way and same manner, if at all mind is agitated and thoughts are annoyed.

    Let’s have Faith that reprimands remains our favorite award if at all this Discipline of people’s desire is ever breached.

    Let’s have Faith that our rules have insignia of justice and wil be regulated by similar act of discard and disown if at all we are put again.

    Let’s Discipline lives with unanimous practical slogan of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Nation! This slogan is yours; all time deterrence

    Let’s unite on the principle of this slogan in every discipline of your life.

    Let’s not spare the present

    Let’s not spare the past

    This is time for accountability

    No one shall go away but;

    They all must go

    They all must go

    Justice shall Prevail

  11. Shadows of Conspiracy, By Dr RazaHaider, It’s a generation of goons and gamblers who been playing constitution and laws since decades. Here’s one more, all time man behind; Sharif uddin pirzada, who always escapes attention.

    People shall unite (like this recent showoff of marvelous unity as strength) against all such characters who exhibited their behavior as untoward and unbecoming.

    Let these characters know the declaration and slogans of people at large that they wont and will not allow further respirations as breath ;of such inhuman creatures who plays and had been playing with the lives and ultimate living of our generation.

    Grab them once for all in similar and same strategy of exhibition of long march maintaining the verdict as “publicly hang till death”

    This or these; man is not just one.

    It’s a generation of goons and gamblers who been playing constitution and laws since decades.

    Here’s one more, all time man behind; Sharif uddin pirzada, who always escapes attention.

    I am astonished he always gain attention in the eyes and mind of dictators may it be a military or civilian.

    There is no! Single episode as history; which may show his absence behind the scene; whenever this rape of constitution became the fate of this nation.

    He is again residing within the dome of palace, as dungeon.

    I demand justice for my generation.

    I demand remedy as value for my offspring.

    As long as he is there in has safe place he will continue to trade constitution with fate of public.

    There will be no expectant as future and guarantee as glittering destiny for people if at all he is not dig out and drag from his hide out.

    This is a real and right time he should be treated as culprit behind this all turmoil of dismantling judiciary and rule of law and of course rape of this constitution.

    People must realize! This is time all such figures should be prosecuted for their treacherous strategy against people and their desire.

    This silent rapist is still within confiscated security of executives like always and is a continuous threatening factor that may reappear as havoc again whenever he would find a single peep feasible for his activity.

    I must responsibly point this man with no norms and vocabulary as national spirit and citizenship that he is on the run to move and exploit this release of judiciary by swiftly floating his nonsense sense of satanic activity again through few illegitimates as discards like maulvi Iqbal haider.

    Again this man Sharif uddin Pirzada; with congenital desire to put Pakistan in trouble is under his full influence of illegitimate lust as conspiracy hence putting unanimous declaration in to controversy.

    It is said that diseases that cause recurrence should be evaluated and treated by digging its root cause.

    Since; if root cause could not be controlled recurrence of disease is always the fate.

    Here again root cause of this disease of raping and subverting constitution is this black sheep in black coat; Sharif uddin pirzada.

    Astonishingly his name is itself a nuisance and “No body”; I repeat “No body” may it be a business tycoon, or media holder or politician along with champ anchors can dare to say a word against this man.

    Nation be attentive he has started his favorite game of tease; hiding behind walled palaces.

    Alert yourself and fellows since similar assembly to exhibit power in streets is an imminent threat in coming days since this extortionist is in his execution laboratory.

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