Posted by: tobateksinghdisplaced | March 14, 2009

How best to use arbitrary state power

Dear Readers,

We are starting an effort to collate all reports of detentions – often without specific charges and in total violation of habeas corpus – made in connection with the Long March.

We are starting off with two reports, one from the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP) and one from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).


14 March, Hyderabad: Muhib Lighari, Faiz Kerio, Munawar Chandio, Sarfaraz Kumber, Ghulam Qadir Mirani, Hasan Nasir and Shakela

12 March, Karachi Toll Plaza: Shela Rizwan, Khalid, Shakeel, Sattar, Sadiq

Police has raided LPP offices and homes of the activists of LPP in Lahore, Toba Tek Singh, Layya, Charsadda, Qasur


5:15 PM, 14 March, Icchra, Lahore: Madni, Shahzad & Javed arrested

We are collecting all reports of arrests, torture and other forms of abuse of state authority related to the Long March. Please send your reports to

This will automate the process and is likely to continue running even after cell phone services have been shut down – expected to happen in Lahore around noon, possibly later in Islamabad.


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